About Crest

Crest Diving was formed by a group of professionals with skills from product design, mechanical and electronic engineering, instructors of diving and diving products.


The aim is to make more people approach the nature and love the ocean with great products,


We truly believe our motto which is "If we can make more people love the ocean like we do, nature is one more step closer to save the ocean"

Brand Story

Crest, the top of the wave, carry the motivation and power of the ocean moving forward and to the beyond, just like we see ourselves as the wave that holding the energy of the progress and moving the industry forward. 


The purpose of the image to let people see the passionate about the ocean but also embedded with industrial design factor at first.


During the thinking process, we develop many kinds of elements to achieve the balance between both, hilltop, waves, diving...etc, eventually, we design a logo to describe our idea and our position in the future.


The letter C combines the water drop to deliver the idea that mankind, ocean and all the living things live in the harmony.


The wrench icon means that we are we human beings is the only species with the capability to help all other kinds, and we truly believe that that's why we are.


Then finally we came out the logo combine those elements by using the design language to speak out that we love oceans and we want to make it better.​

Technology and Design

The teams are more than just divers, the company perfectly merges our expertise and passion for Sustainability, Technology, Design, and Entrepreneurship.  With the proven track record of working as a C-level executive and professional skills for over 15 years, and countless great products been designed and produced, some of them even seem like the classic models and still keep selling in the market.


Our cutting-edge, innovative ideas for I.T. and scuba diving and the dedication to improving the products of diving ensures that Crest will play a crucial part in the future of our world and oceans.


We have zero compromises if the product could move closer to perfection. In CREST, we only make the product in real with quality by using the outstanding design thinking and skills and share knowledge to implement a noninvasive method to contact the environment systematically, and believes it would be an excellent trip to record and analyze mysteries of the ocean.


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