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Nikon Professional Photographer and Ocean Artist Society Member, Imran Ahmad B Rayat Ahmad is all about bringing the best out of the Ocean. He is also “The Top Asian Underwater Photographer in the World” - Dietmar Fuchs, Chief Editor for BlancPain – Editions Fifty Fathoms.

His works and images are exhibited around the world. From Indonesia, Singapore, China, Brazil, Croatia, Russia, Malaysia and more. His also part of the judging team for various underwater, travel photo competitions as well as Nikon’s ‘Big Shot’ Competition, Celebrity judge at Celebrate the Sea Underwater photo competition along with National geographic Emory Kristoff.

Imran continues to inspire new and old photographers with his photography & cinematography. It's about anticipating a subject’s movement and body language. There’s no choreographing in underwater photography. Action unfolds before you and at that fraction of a second you either freeze art or it simply vanishes before you and the moment is lost.


He loves extreme sports and the underwater photography perfectly combines adventure and art creation. He was started underwater photography at 2008.


Every time of underwater photographing, he hopes to capture those transient beautiful moments more precisely.

The moving pictures interweaved by the submarine world and the benthos is the motive power attracting him to continue photographing. Up to now, his works have won 33 domestic and foreign awards and published on magazines and newspapers.

He has also received the exclusive interview of British Daily Mail, TVBS, Apple Daily and other media.


During a trip to the Palau in 2006, she found a passion for the underwater world and it was love at first sight.


She is so fascinated by the “blue world” and what becomes part of our life is to discover the ocean with her cameras. Her passion for travel and diving has not abated and sure will be with her for the rest of life.

Her passion is underwater photography, especially macro objects.

Her works not only have won 53 domestic and foreign awards for several times, but also have been published on magazines and newspapers, such as the German Hörzu Wissen magazine, American Nature's Best Photography magazine, Daily Mail ,Taiwan Apple Daily, TVBS, Yahoo NEWS, Kairos NEWS and so on.

In the field of underwater photography, she hopes to capture more beautiful pictures and share her works with friends who love oceans through continuously improving herself.


Yen-Yi Lee is an award-winning Taiwanese underwater photographer with endless passion for the ocean. He started underwater photography in 2010, and since then, he’s been deeply fascinated by the mystery of the ocean. He likes to observe the relationship between the marine lives and human beings. He always commits himself to create a unique and artistic reflection of what he sees during his exploration - to capture the beauty of the ocean and share it with people, furthermore, to remind people the importance and urgency of marine conservation.

He has won many prestigious international underwater photography competitions, including championships of 2015 ADEX, 2017 Raja Ampat UW Photo Competition and 2012 DRT; gold medals of 2017 Lens Beyond Ocean , 2017 Voice of The Ocean, 2016 Beneath the Sea, 2016 Wetpixel Deep Indonesia, 2015 ADEX and 2013 DRT.



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